Chapter 1: Introduction to excel screen

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Starting from Top Left side following are the names of the excel screen which were also regularly use in this training session:-
1.   Quick Start menu - It is placed in the left most corner which contains & can be accessible with pressing Alt and choosing the no. 1/2/3 etc…

 2.       Title bar – It is placed in the centre in top and contains the name of the file in which you are working.

 3.       User Bar – It is placed in the right top corner and contains the user name of the PC/ Domain / Account and all common button for minimize / maximize / close.

 4.        Tabs – It is in second row from the top which consist of commands in the form of group, related to  name mention of that tab.

5.       Help – It is in centre of the second row from the top with the text “tell me what you want to do”.
6.       Group & Group Name – Each tab contains a group of commands following by a group name as show in image Home tab contains command “Cut/copy/paste” in the “clipboard” group written in center just below the group.
7.       Name Cell – Just before the table start in left side of the screen there is a name cell which contains the name/address of the cell/defined selected cell

8.       Formula Bar – Just with the name cell there is a formula bar in which we can write the formula or can see what formula/text written in the selected cell.

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