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Used for – “ROW” function in MS Excel is used to get the absolute position of the row of the reference cell.
Syntax – ROW([reference])

             [reference] – This is an optional field as it is written in square brackets. It is a address of any cell for which we want to know the absolute position. The result of the this function is a numeric. If we do not put any reference it will consider the cell in which this function is typed and give the absolute position of the same.
Example – Following example will clear the ROW function:-

In below table formulas are shown which which reflects the various reference type for the function ROW:-



Below table shows the result of the above function if copied to cell A1 to C3 in any worksheet of workbook:



Below is a typical summary of the Column Function in the pictorial form with more advance typical information:
Summarized Row Function
Summarized Column Function
-Here it should be noted that reference should be used for single cell. If a range is selected then it will give the absolute row position of the top left cell of the range.
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