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Hey Guys!!!

Here's are some questions related to data and must read this post if all your answers will take to next question :-

  • Have you ever require to get filter first and unique values from a data ? 
  • If yes have you ever need to find total for those value ?
  • If yes what would you like to do then ? 
  • Do you do it manually ? 
  • But if it is in whole data and regular job then what would you do?

Here's a example in which you can easily find sum for first and unique value from a data table using simple formulas. See how it is being done:-

You can learn the formulas used and described in the picture with there details and limitation by clicking on the following :-
  1. MATCH
  2. IF
  3. SUMIF
  4. ""


Thanks for sharing a valuable example with us, but if you upload the same example as shown above, that will be a great job, more and more people will come to the site and enjoy, so my request is to upload the file in which you are explaining the example

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