Chapter 2: Introduction to Tab & Group of Tabs

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Normally. an Excel contains following nine tabs: -
1. File
2. Home
3. Insert
4. Page Layout
5. Formulas
6. Data
7. Review
8. View
9. Developer
Here under I try to give a brief about the groups between the different tabs:-
1.    File: - It is the conventional tab of Microsoft applications and contains the standard commands mention here under
        a.       Info 
        b.      New
        c.       Open
        d.      Save
        e.       Save As
        f.        History 
        g.      Print 
        h.      Share
        i.        Export
        j.        Publish 
        k.      Close
      l.        Account 
        m.    Feedback 
        n.      Options 

2.      Home: -This tab contains the group & group commands which relates to formatting of text within the file. It Contains the following Group: -
        a.       Clipboard 
        b.      Font 
        c.       Alignment 
        d.      Number
        e.       Styles
        f.        Cell
        g.      Editing

3.      Insert: -As the name define itself, it is used to insert tables/objects/link/ charts and many more and allow to modify them as per requirement. It Contains the following Group: -
        a.       Tables 
        b.      Illustrations
        c.       Add-ins 
        d.      Charts 
        e.       Tours 
        f.        Sparklines
        g.      Filters
        h.      Links 
        i.        Symbols

4.      Page Layout: -The name clears its function itself i.e. this tab contains the commands which help to setup the page layout as per desired size. It Contains the following Group: -
        a.       Themes
        b.      Page Setup
        c.       Scale to Fit
        d.      Sheet Options
        e.       Arrange

5.      Formulas: -This tab is the one stop solution for all the formulas available with excel along with their validation and auditing. It Contains the following Group: -
        a.       Function Library
        b.      Defined Names
        c.       Formula Auditing
        d.      Calculation

6.      Data: -This tab helps in handling the large data with inbuilt commands of excel and helps the user to get right information what they want. It Contains the following Group: -
        a.       Get External Data
        b.      Get & Transform
        c.       Connections
        d.      Sort & Filter
        e.       Data Tools
        f.        Forecast
        g.      Outline

7.      Review: -It Contains the following Group: -
        a.       Proofing
        b.      Accessibility
        c.       Insights
        d.      Language
        e.       Comments
        f.        Changes

8.      View: -It Contains the following Group: -
        a.       Workbook Views
        b.      Show
        c.       Zoom
        d.      Window
        e.       Macros

9.      Developer: -It Contains the following Group: -
        a.       Code
        b.      Add-ins
        c.       Controls
        d.      XML